Critical Zone Observatories

Critical Zone Observatories (CZOs) are natural watershed laboratories for investigating Earth surface processes mediated by fresh water. Research at the CZO scale seeks to understand these little-known coupled processes through monitoring of streams, climate/weather and ground water.

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search critical zone screen shot editOur team works with Critical Zone researchers to establish a data harvesting, indexing and discovery environment for CZO data.

We also leverage the SuAve project to create a gallery of CZO participants

A closely related project is ODM2, which developes a new version of observations data model – a data model meant to underlie the integrated CZO data system

The github for the project is, and the controlled vocabularies can be found at

A new project, BigCZ, focuses on integration of Biological and geoscience data in the context of critical zone observatories. See more at

The primary goal of these pages is to organize materials supporting the ongoing discussion of data models and data formats used by the CZOs, and the overall system design.